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Refurbished Equipment: Frequently Asked Questions

1. ​What is refurbished equipment?

Refurbished products belong to a special category of IT equipment. Products that can be distributed as refurbished are desktops, laptops, servers, enterprise switches, monitors, printers, smartphones and some not common peripherals. Refurbished is usually barely used enterprise class equipment at a company, that is either replaced due to equipment upgrades, either it has been returned to the distributor by the client or it has been a demo. Refurbished products have external signs of use (according to quality category), that have no impact on product functionality.

2.  Which are the quality categories of a refurbished product? 

Refurbished equipment is categorized according to the signs of use it has. Unfortunately, there is no common categorizing system in Greece, so the condition of the products in each category mostly depends on the distributor. At Inventa, we categorize our products with very strict criteria to make sure that the product you receive fulfills your expectations

The quality categories we suggest are:

  • Grade A+++ : The best category of a refurbished product. Almost no signs of use

  • Grade A++: Very good condition, with minimal signs of use.

  • Grade Α+: Good product condition, with few signs of use. The best value for money, because the signs of use does not heavily impact the appearance of the device and the price is noticeably decreased comparing to the A+++ and A++ categories. 

  • Grade A: Good condition with normal still visible signs of use. There are no functionality issues, but its appearance may not fulfill your expectations 

  • Grade A-: Many visible signs of use. The most economic category of fully functional products.

  • Grade B: Products with signs of extensive use. We suggest them only for working environments where same or more extensive use may occur. Some of them may have a small defect, like dead pixels in a monitor.

Products of categories Α+++, Α++ και Α+ are sold in specially designed boxes that provide the best protection for the product transportation, and also remain good looking .

Refurbished laptops are sold with power supply unit, and desktops with power cord.

3. What are the advantages of refurbished products?

  • Build quality and internal components:


Refurbished products are enterprise class, designed for extensive use and provide the best user experience. They are equipped with correctly designed and effective cooling systems, so that the user does not  have to face problems due to overheaing, even after many hours of continuous use, best quality motherboards, that are very robust and it is more possible to be succesfully repaired if needed than motherboards on other devices. All the components are inside a well designed and robust chasis that provides maximum ease of use.


  • Technical specifications:


Refurbished products have better technical specifications at their price range than new devices even if they are a bit older


  • Price:


By choosing refurbished equipment we decrease the buying costs, while getting better quality devices.


  • Environmentally friendly solution:

By choosing refurbished, we support circular economy in the IT industry and help decrease the quantity of the electronic waste and we also get a device that covers our needs. This way we can prove our responsibility either as citizens, or as enterprises

4. What should I pay attention to when buying refurbished compuers?

  • Quality category:


Mainly for laptops, the appearance of the product is very important so it is suggested that we choose A or better category products.


  • Technical Specifications:


Despite the fact that we do not need the newest and most powerful product for home or office use, we should not choose very old equipment, because it may not cover our needs in a very short time .


We should also pay attention to the internal components brands, like the ssd, to ensure optimal system performance and durability.

The screen resolution is another very important characteristic we should pay attention to. Our needs depend on the purpose of buying the product. An HD display can cover the needs of office use, but for entertainment use we should choose HD+ or Full HD display

Users should pay attention to the details when buying refurbished equipment, because there are many compositions (cpu, ram, display, additional features) of products of the same model, that are responsible for the big price difference in each store, so it is easy to finally choose a product that does not cover our needs

Are you interested in buying reliable refurbished equipment for home or business use? Contact us to suggest you the best deal for your needs

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